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    Who we are?
    We are a team of management and software professionals for whom Travel is a passion. During our travel we found out many interesting places to stay, different kind of cuisine and some great locations. We them came up with the idea of sharing the same with others and thus was born. While we questioned; where to start and what to offer to fellow travelers; we concluded that the greatest aspect of this nation is the “Cultural Diversity” and therefore we came with idea of helping people experience and enjoy this diversity. The first step therefore is to build a portal for Bed and Breakfasts and Homestays. We are committed to give you as much as information as possible; across regions and price points. We would be delighted if you share your travel experiences with us; your reviews decide rating of every place so keep encouraging those who are committed to excel.   

    What do we do?
    Mgs is always doing thorough research on accommodation options in India to start with and would be doing so about foreign places as well in the future. We visit locations, click the pictures to get a clear idea of how the place is as far as possible. Facility owners are also given option to upload/change information on their own; by doing this we intend to give you the most recent information. However in rare cases if you find that there is any discrepancy between the information given and reality then please report to us. We are not agents of the facility owners; on the other hand our role is to bring customers and facility owners close to each other; thus information flow and ease of transaction is facilitated.

    What should you expect from Bed and Breakfasts:
    Mgs aims to give high level of satisfaction through personalized service. You can get better service at Bed and Breakfasts as:

    • They attend customers personally.
    • They serve hygienic and traditional food.
    • They guide people about places around as they are better informed about the area.
    • Their interiors also represent local culture and architecture.
    • You feel at home.

    However please remember these are people like you and us; and they are not the ones with loads of cash. So you would sometimes face difficulties due to resources and exposure. However the best part is that they are willing to learn so speak to them in such cases.
    Please also remember that you are staying at somebody’s home and therefore follow certain rules as you follow at your own home.
    In any case, we are always ready to help you. Our personnel are all connected by telephone lines and emails. Customers while on travel can get help on our help lines for any on-road travel assistance.

    Why go thru us?
    Highest Degree of transparency:
    On our portal the Inn Keepers are given login name and password with which they can change information as and when they desire including prices. Thus the information that a customer is seeing is the information given by the Inn Keeper. This ensures highest degree of transparency and fairness.
    Rapid Response:
    As a customer you expect fast response to enquiries sent by you. We try our level best to this by monitoring the site very closely. At times; we speak to Inn Keepers over phone in case you do not get response.
    Exhaustive Coverage:
    We try to cover quite remote but exciting locations. So in case you are interested in reaching virgin areas, this is one the most interesting portals. However while giving information about site seeing around, we try and not load you with too much information; as we believe you are on a leisure trip and not on a research project.
    Feel free to talk to us as friends when you face any problem. We would like to provide as much help as possible
    We also believe that there are a lot more things that we can learn from you. So please write to us about suggestions, corrections, and ideas as you desire on the following mail id.
    Call us at:  09702175252
    Have an interesting stay experience and keep in touch.


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