Sightseeing around Sakha Niwas  
Awas Beach

This beach is relatively flat and has good sand. Itís ideal for swim and can take your kids along without any worry. Family groups can enjoy games like cricket, beach volley, football or may be just put a mat and bask in the sunshine. The sunset view is extraordinary. If you enjoy beaches this is the best option near Alibaug.....More


Shrivardhan beach is long and flat; and hence relatively safe. You would not face strong waves; the way you face at Kashid. The long beach has Jiwana Bunder(Jetty) at one end. It is interesting to take a detour and visit this jetty, which is buzzing with activity of fishermen and their boats. The beach has few visitors so it is ideal for families who wish peace and privacy. On the way to Jiwana Bunder, you can see temple of Jiwaneshwar. It is an old temple, wi....More


Murud Beach: Murud beach is beautiful and flat with white sands. As itís quite far from Mumbai you can experience clean water which you miss at Alibaug. The waves are not very strong here and hence itís a nice beach for families and kids. Its adjoining the main road of the town hence can expect some hustle and bustle of the locals. An early morning walk on the beach can get you see fishermen going to the high seas and that is a delight in itself to watch. Later in the day till late evening yo....More

Janjira Fort

Janjira the impregnebal fort captured by Siddhis from Earlier King Rajaram Koli(Chief of Fisherman Community) in 1118 A.D. There was no possibility of capturing the fort in head on fight and hence it was captured by deceit. Apparently the king and all the guys on fort were first made friends and then in a night were offered best quality liquor; the inebriated force could not fight and lost the fort to their friends turned enemies Once the fort was under the comm....More

Dive Agar

Dive Agar is a quiet place famous for its Betel Nuts and the beach. On 17th November 1997, Mrs. Draupadi Dharma Patil of this village while digging found a copper case in her farm. Inside the case she found Suvarna Ganesha, a facemask made of Solid Gold weighing 1.3 Kg. After this incident this small village in the past few years has emerged as a holy place thronged by tourists, mainly from Pune. The encryption on the box dates it to 1060 A.D. and originally belonged to Maval Bhatt. He was minis....More

Karde-Murud Harnai

Undoubtedly this is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra. A long drive along the 7 km long coast makes any other beach appear to be a compromise. Alongside the long beach are villages Harnai Ė Murud- Karde. Karde is towards the South end of the beach. The speciality of this place is that homestays are right on the beach. Thus sitting in verandah you can hear roar of the sea. Highly recommended for a relaxed holiday. You can see Dolphins in the sea in the months of Dec and Jan, while sitt....More


Velneshwar village is named after famous temple of Velneshwar (Shiva) which is Kuladaivat for over 24 clans in Maharashtra. The temple is old and with spacious complex constructed in the stone. It is a quiet and serene place where you can plan to stay for few days if you wish to re-energize yourself. It is also a great place for people with Kids to stay for few days and experience nature and village life. Chief attraction is the fact that at Velneshwar the hills come close to beach. This is p....More


Hedavi is destination for all Ganesha followers as it is believed praying here results in fulfillment of wishes. The deity here appears different from its normal self with Dhashbhuja (10 hands) at the Ganesha temple. The temple was constructed by Kelkar swami with donations from the Peshwas. The statue is constructed in stone with look of Ganesha as warrior. ....More


Ganapatipule is famous for its Ganesha temple. The state tourism dept has played great role in promoting this place. The beach here is looks inviting with white sands but is risky. There are ups and downs in the sand mass; and therefore it is not advisable to go on this beach. All beach lovers can head towards the beautiful beach in nearby village Malgund; in case you are staying at Ganapatipule plan to go to Malgund beach instead. As is the case with any temple town; itís kind of noisy and ....More


Harihareshawar is popularly known as Dakshin (South) Kashi due to the famous Kalbhairav temple. The temple is old and really serene. Good scenic beauty, rocky beaches and small hillocks around the place attracts people. However if you are planning to enjoy beach waters this is not the place. The beach here is full of rocks and therefore dangerous. So if you plan a stay here it can only be religious stay. ....More

Alibaug-Rewas-Mandva Road

While you drive on the Mandva - Alibaug road you find three prominent beaches namely Saswane, Awas and Kihim. Of the three Awas is the most beautiful beach, Kihim is a bit rocky while Saswane is full of rocks. Kihim is the most popular destination due to MTDCís efforts to market their resort over there. We would still suggest that if you are planning to visit this part do not forget to see following three locations: 1. Awas Beach: This beach is relatively fla....More


On your way from Murud to Kashid; approx 7 km from the hustle bustle of Murud is a real quiet and serene place called Nandgaon. While you travel by road, you are likely to miss this beach and as it does not have too much of crowd. We highly recommend Nandgaon beach for people who want peace and privacy. The cool breeze on this beach works like a balm to your soul. You will find the communing with air, water and sand at Nandgaon beach, a supreme rejuvenation. The beach is safe and waves are not a....More

Kashid Beach

Kashid is further down Alibaug and the scenery is breathtaking with mountains on one side and sea on another. The roads are xcellent to drive on. You would enjoy driving due to its beautiful scenery. The best part is, its not that crowded and you would be able to recreate yourself. Murud is also a good place to buy dry fish but don\'t forget to bargain.The Kashid beach is damn clean n beautiful. If you love sunsets on the beach, you must visit Kashid . ....More

Kelwe Sights

Kelwe: Though most of the people know Kelwe Beach; very few are aware about many small and interesting places around. Visiting these places would make your two day stay quite exciting and fruitful. Even the journey to these places is very exciting with narrow roads and lush green plantations around. Kelwe is also famous for betel leaves; the leaves grown here are supposed to be generating warmth in the body and have good digestive properties. As per locals; these are very popular among Pakista....More

Ashapuri Mata Temple

Ashapuri Mata Temple: Situated at Edwan village, this temple is built on a rock, in the sea. So you can reach only at time of low tide. Walking up to the temple is not a problem; as the sand is not muddy, if you have bike you can ride to the temple. However, cars cannot go as the lanes of this fishing village are really narrow. The temple has statue of goddess inside a cave; where you need to go crawling. The view of the sea is great from here. However be prepared for strong smell of fish while....More

Mahikadevi Temple

Mahikadevi Temple: Situated at approximately 4 km towards north of Kelwe; on the way to Shirgaon and Satpati; this is an ancient temple. The legend is; this goddess was worshipped by Ravana and other demons. She brought Rama and Laxmana here to sacrifice. But Hanuman came and fought fierce battle; in which the goddess fell down and died. Thus the statue here is not standing straight; but is in horizontal position, which is unique feature of this temple. The temple is old and in dilapidated cond....More

Shirgaon fort

Shirgaon fort: This is a big fort in this area, though not very big, as Vasai fort and is close to the sea. You can enjoy sunset sitting on the boundary wall of the fort. The restoration efforts were on while we visited, so the condition of the fort should be good by now. Shirgaon beach is added attraction while you visit the fort. ....More

Satpati beach and port

Satpati beach and port: Satpati is 14 km north of Kelwe; the place has very long beach. It is also a fishing port, with lots of trawlers around jetty. In case you are interested to know more about sea, fishing or you want to buy fish; this is a place to visit. ....More

Ratnagiri City

Ratnagiri: Ratnagiri is famous as capital of Hapus(Alphonso) mangoes. This variety is not originally from India; it was brought here by Portuguese. However given its present popularity in the world, can anybody even suspect it. This is a sprawling town with a lot of industrial activity around as a result; tourism is not the industry that anybody focuses upon, whether government bodies or local public. Still, this town and area around has a lot of beautiful places to attract tourists. Bhagawati....More

Kanakaditya Temple at Kasheli

Kanakaditya Temple Ė Kasheli: This is a famous temple of the sun. There are very few temples of the Sun in India; there is one at Veraval, Saurashtra another one at Konark, Orissa and few more at MP and Nepal. The temple is made of wooden pillars, wooden interlocked ceiling and roof covered with approximately 6 mm copper sheet for protection against water. The records available here tell that Shilahar King had visited this temple on 27th of June 1191, which indicates that temple has been in....More


Purnagad:- South of Ratnagiri, ahead of Pawas is Purnagad. This fort is situated on a small mountain touching sea. The area around is pretty picturesque with waves colliding on the rocks. Itís a good spot if you plan day picnic covering this fort and Kasheli. Do not miss to see the Durgah of the Peer, on the middle of the creek. One can go to the durgah during time of low tide. As per locals even in the worst of sea storms or monsoon times, this durgah was never ever immersed in the water. ....More

Malvan sights

Malvan: Malvan is one of the most important towns in the Southern Konkan region of Maharashtra. The importance begins with history of Maratha Empire; wherein Chhatrapati Shivaji built the famous fort of Sindhudurg here. Besides this Malvan is also centre for fisheries and farm products. The city shows glimpse of its cultural heritage in many ways; in the temples around, in the forts around and also in the Malvani theatre. Nearest Railway station is Kudal, which is also on Mumbai Goa Highway (N....More

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort: This is among the last of the big forts in the chain almost 65 forts(small and big- ranging from North to South) that Chhatrapati Shivaji built along the coast of Maharashtra. The fort sprawling over 45 acres was built in record time of 3 years (1664 to 1667). This was also the most turbulent time of Shivajiís life, while construction of fort started on 25th Nov 1664, in May 1666 he was put under house arrest at Agra by Mughal King Auranazeb. In his absence his mother Jijaba....More

Rameshwar Temple at Aachare

Rameshwar Temple at Aachare: To the north of Malvan, around 20 km is the Rameshwar Temple at Aachare. This ancient temple (more than 600 years) is constructed with wooden pillars and ceiling. The pillars are beautifully decorated and one wonders of the efforts that people would have taken centuries back to create such master pieces. We put this temple as must see for visitors. Ahead of Aachare is Kunakeshwar Temple (approx 42 km from Malvan) which is worth-seeing. At approximately 4 km fr....More


Vengurla is known for its Sagareshwar beach and cashew nuts. You get much better quality cashews here; so this is preferred place for buying. Sagareshwar beach is clean with white sands and deep blue water. Towards north end of the beach is that hillock with light house, from here you can get great view of the sea and small islands in it. The beach offers great privacy at the same time it is close to Goa. So if you want some buzz and lot of peace then this can be a great destination to be clubbe....More


Shiroda is one of the finest and virgin beaches in Maharashtra. It is very close to Goa, still you get tremendous privacy here. Water is clean and waves are not very strong. This makes it very safe. Sheer expanse of this beach is impressive. The beach sand is also wide and it is clean. This is southern most beach of Maharashtra, which is ideal for Honeymoon travelers, writers, painters as it is almost zero disturbance environment. There entire area is green with very low population density arou....More


Undoubtedly this is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra. A long drive along the 7 km long coast makes any other beach appear to be a compromise. Alongside the long beach are villages Harnai Ė Murud- Karde with coconut and betel nut plantations along the coast line. We highly recommend this place as a get away destination for those who want peace for few days away from the daily grind of the city. A stay for 3 to 4 days (either Murud or Karde) can make you re- energize to go back and take....More

Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani

Mahabaleshwar, the summer capital of Bombay Presidency during British Rule is situated at 1372 mtrs of altitude and is the most popular hill station of Maharashtra. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys of the majestic Sahyadri ranges. Five rivers flow through the valleys around Mahabaleshwar namely Krishna, Koyna, Savitri, Gayatri and Venna. Thick forest of Javali covers the mountains and supports variety of wildlife. The climate supports floriculture business here; so you would see a lot ....More

Karmarkar Shipalaya-Museum

Art lover or not this place is a must visit. Mr. Vinayak. P. Karmarkar, born on 2ND October 1891, was among the most renowned sculptures of all times. Topper of J. J. School of arts, winner of Lord Meyo Medal and also alumni of Royal Academy; Karmarkarís sculptures are a pleasure to see. There are approximately 200 of them in this museum with Hira Kolin and Shankhdhwani being the most noted ones. The sculptures are so beautiful that pictures shown here are not even comparable to the origina....More


Guhagar is relatively bigger town along the coast; the beach here is approximately 6 km long. Sand is white and water is very clear. Enjoy sun, sand and play around on the beach here, however be careful in the water as there are few pits inside the sea and the undercurrents have caused a lot of fatal accidents. This being a town you can experience buzz on the beach with lot of vendors selling refreshments. Plan a visit to the famous temple of Vyadeshwar in the center of the town.....More


Kunakeshwar: Kunakeshwar Temple is approx. 42 km from Malvan. The temple is also quite old and of historic importance. It is situated right on the beach. The beach here is also nice with white sands. Besides this, you must visit Rameshwar Temple at Aachare and Brahmanand Swami Samadhi which is approximately 4 km from Malvan city. Covering all the three locations can be a nice one day trip from Malvan, where you can start after break fast and return to the town in the evening. ....More

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